BASE Hilfsschirme

Adrenalin B.A.S.E. Hilfsschirme in verschiedenen Größen

BASE Hilfsschirme in verschiedenen Größen

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Break Release Toggles

The Brake Release Toggles allow to separate toggle of the brake line to correct a line-over or a tension knot. This operation can be done before or after releasing brake. The operation requires only a single action, pulling the yellow tab down. These toggles have a very low packing volume and are built on the same principle as our standard toggles, allowing easy and fast grab. The toggle is completely secure, thanks to the yellow cable (no metal pin) to prevent inadvertent or accidental release. These toggles fit most of the rigs on the market. The velcro can be easily changed periodically.

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Stash Bag

The shoulders straps are fitted with a light foam. It's a top loading bag and close by rolling the upper part, which makes it waterproof. It closed in 2 ways : on the side when walking, with a compression setting and on top after jumping when canopy is open.

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